[argyllcms] Re: Does ArgyllCms work with X-Rite i1iSis automated scanner?

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I would far prefer to get an old Spectroscan table for all the iSis in the
world, regardless of the speed difference between the two instruments. That
white LED light source inside the iSis makes for overall "redder" tones in
Don't know about XRGA support?
But clearly, I did some tests with two freshly recertified instruments, on
non-OBA paper, and even though the measured spectra are virtually identical,
the resulting proofs are visually not the same. Neutrals, in particular...

Why can't I get my DTP70 working again?

EyeOnePro is OK, though. iO table, I'm not sure... For reading tons of press
sheets, iSis is OK. But for critical proofing, I prefer to put my money with
good-ole tungsten lighting. Besides, the ISO numbers I'm trying to match
were likely derived from tungsten-based instruments?

I hate to open my big mouth ;-) 

/ an anonymous poster...

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> I anticipate getting the X-Rite i1iSis in the near future, along with 
> ProfileMaker-5. I was hoping you might be willing to help me develop 
> an interface so that ArgyllCMS could make unrestricted profiles with it.

The pragmatic approach is to use ColorPort to read the charts then import
into Argyll.

I'm not sure that it would be at all efficient for anyone else to figure out
the iSis unless they too have already reverse engineered a simpler
spectrometer like the i1pro or ColorMunki.

Graeme Gill.

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