[argyllcms] Re: ColorMunki and low-cost ICC-profile service

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You can read targets with any number of patches using ColorMunki.  The
problem is the patches are much bigger and you need twice the amount of
paper with CM using the '-h' switch.  It's also a little more difficult to
read patches using CM as you need a good straight edge and a little
practice.  i1Pro comes with its own scanning table.  Having used both the CM
and i1Pro, I sold my CM as the i1Pro was far superior and easier to use.

I would rethink entering into the profiling business at the price level you
list.  I'm not interested in doing this as a business but have offered to do
some "free" profiles for friends and the demand is really not there.  Most
folks that use OEM papers for their printers find that the supplied profiles
meet their needs.  Anyone who is a professional and does this for a living
do their own profiles or use a RIP such as Imageprint which contains the
profiled papers.  At $5 US you will never recoup your investment.  There are
very capable people out there who will make profiles and the low end price
range is $30-35 per profile.  I have no idea how well these services do in
terms of income (I do know that it is a sideline for one vendor who is a
computer software engineer).  Remember, you need to stand behind the quality
of your profiles!

I don't believe Argyll supports iSis


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Hi there,

I've got two questions (right now):

On a website, I've read that it's possible to read targets with
more than 1000 patches using ColorMunki and ArgyllCMS. Since
I can't find this website, I'd like to ask if this is true.

I want to do some semi-professional profiling on some printers
I've got access to. Shall I spend money on ColorMunki or better
save some money for purchasing an i1pro.

I might be able to get a refurbished and calibrated "x-rite i1iSis"
for about $3000 USD. I'd love to build up my own ICC-profile
service with a target pricing of $5 USD each (ISO A4). Does or will
ArgyllCMS this hardware?

Best regards,
Lars-Daniel Weber

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