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I found some very nice small brass bells on Ebay.  I also visited some
antique shops and found some nice old sleigh bells attached to a horse's
collar.  I found I needed to buy more bells than I will actually use because
some turn out to be cheesy and then you need to choose a tuneful and
compatible combination from among the good ones.  On Ebay I searched for
clock bells, brass bells, cast bells, etc.  Good bells are out there, but
you have to search patiently.


The turntable idea is interesting but I would think 45rpm would be way too
fast a speed for a Zymbelstern.  I made an adjustable speed platter from a
small 12vdc motor and pulley, an old power supply, and a variable speed
circuit somebody drew up for me.  I think being able to vary the speed is
pretty important.







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While on the subject.   Where can one get cast bells for a homemade
Zymbelstern?  The one I made from an old turntable is using tin bells from a
hobby store which sound very cheesy.


Mark Veazie <mveazie@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Jerry - Thanks for your response.  I have a Rodgers 250dlm.  This helps a




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What model Rodgers do you have?  I believe that on ALL of them, there is a
switched 12VDC circuit that is designed to fire a  relay.  So, you'll need
to get a 12VDC relay that can switch on (one leg of) the AC to the "record
player".   Is this enough to get you goin'?

If you give me the model number, I can log in to the rodgers tech website
and see what schematics are available for this model.  But, like I said,
it's almost a sure thing that it is a 12VDC output.



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Junk shop, 45 RPM record player.  





On Nov 2, 2008, at 2:33 PM, Jerry Akers wrote:

Hi Mark,

It all hinges on what kind of motor you are going to use.  AC or DC?  You
definitely want to find a small, quiet, low RPM unit...

I have made many of these for use on Rodgers organs (and others).  So, let
me know when you decide on a motor and I'll help you with a circuit that
will work with it.

Best regards,
Jerry Akers



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Greetings All


I want to add a zymbelstern to my Rodgers that is already setup for it.
Just for fun I thought I would try to build one.  I have the best platform
for it.  Does anyone know where I might acquire a schematic diagram for one?
I've spent hours on the internet with no luck.




Mark Veazie - Palm Desert, CA






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