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Frank also well said...
I also think Melco is trying very hard to make things right...
I know that if I worked there I would be eating a lot of Rolaids.
I think as a company they are dedicated...
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To All,
Today is my first posting in over a month.  As some of you know, I too have
been struggling with this machine for five months.  I may have some hope for
all, but it is still too early to say for sure.  Yesterday Tony Glass, a
third party tech for Melco, came to work on my machine.  I have never seen
an individual so dedicated, so patient, and with as long of an attention
span as Tony.   He worked for ten hours straight and then came back today
and worked for another nine hours in an effort to make my machine sew.  He
did a tremendous job.  At this time, my machine runs as it should.  Right
now I hesitate to say anything more positive than that.  I plan to do alot
of sewing over the next few days to see if the machine continues its present
performance.  I'll let everyone know.  I do agree with what Arron said
earlier about the machine.
I would also like to say that, even as upset as I have been with all the
problems, John Paine and all the people at Melco have done everything they
possibly could to make this thing work.  They truly do want these machines
to work for everyone, and they do know there are problems.
As I said, I don't want to get too positive just yet until I can use this
thing extensively.  If it still works by the end of the weekend, I will let
you all know what all made it work.  If it doesn't you will hear about that
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