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I noticed that Groz-Beckert has a Specialty Application Needle that has a
"hybrid" point so that you don't need to change needles for wovens and
knits.  I sometimes forget what needle I have where on my machine.  I
usually am pretty good about it.  I don't keep my machines set up to half
and half, maybe I should.

But I thought I had read somewhere about the slight differences of the two
brands and that there would be some changes needed if you went to the other.
Guess I won't be trying them any time soon.

Thank you for answering my questions.

Susan Davidson
Sewfly Embroidery

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Hi Susan,

 There is a difference between Organ and Groz-Beckert needles. The overall 
length is the same, but the length of the scarf area is different, the 
distance of the eye to top of scarf area and other items critical distances 
as well. The Amaya machines have been tuned and adjusted to work properly 
with the Organ needle. You may very well see a problem putting in Groz 
Beckert needles with increased thread breaks and/or dropped stitches with 
out the machine timing being adjusted for them. It is not recommended by 

 Is there a reason why you want to change to Groz Beckert needles?

 Jeff Banks
 Melco Embroidery Systems

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> Does anyone use Groz-Beckert needles in their Amayas?  If so, can you 
> tell the difference from Organ?  Did you have to make any adjustments 
> to the machine?
> Susan Davidson
> Sewfly Embroidery

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