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Here's what we have...
Statement fee (credit cards) $4.00 per month
Statement fee (checks)  $4.00 per month
New terminal setup (we needed 2, had 1 old one without the stripe swiper, so we 
went for new up to date unit-has a check 'swiper', credit card swiper, debit 
card terminal, and printer. Can hook to a register but we didn't do that) $520 
I think for the whole thing. Even the printer rolls are free!
Since we got it, we have not had one 'bounced' check at our store-average at 
christmas would have been several hundred dollars, and no more bad credit 
cards...the system catches them BEFORE the transaction is finished, same as 
checks. There's been a couple checks in the past year and a half that were 
insufficient funds but the credit company does NOT revoke our payment-because 
we have the ORIGINAL signed check here (we don't have to give them back to the 
customer!) we fax that in and the company goes after them! So we haven't lost a 
dime to bank charges or 'service' fee, just the 1.74% + 20¢ per check. Our 
charge/debit card use has skyrocketed the past year and a half because this 
system is so good!
At my graphics, 95% of the business is over the phone, I just have the terminal 
on another line and type in card numbers as they read them over the phone, a 
couple easy security questions, hit a button, and bingo...I'm paid-same 
percentage for fee!
The last company we used was through my sign association membership-and the 
MONTHLY rate had zoomed to $75...so it was a no brainer to drop them!


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