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I have the Colors set for all 18 steps of my Sewout. I click on 
File>>Machine>>Load Design to load my file to the AMAYA. The image shows up, 
but the colors that I paindtakingly loaded in Design Pro + do not seen to 
accompany the graphic.
 Here is the strange part. The Colors do not transfer with the file. DO I need 
to set up all 16 colors per the 16 needles every time in the OS? once I redo 
the 16 thread colors I have to go through a second time double clicking each of 
the 18 + Color/Needle changes re-assigning them as well. 

1. Why doesn' the design pro transfer load the colors?
2. Why is it that when I click on the SKIP checkbox for a color that I want to 
skip. it does not skip?

Thank you folks, much respect,

Coach Al


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