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No, that speed is not too hard on the machine. A " properly digitized" cap 
design should be able to sew at 1200spm without issue. Some caps embroidery 
better than others. Low vs med vs high profile caps. Structured vs 
non-structered caps. How much small lettering is being sewn next to the bill. 
height of the design. Denseness of the design....bottom line is that the 
machine can handle any of the caps just fine as long as the digitizing is up to 

The ball bearings falling out is another matter.....I have found that if you 
are not very careful when sliding the cylinder onto and off of the shaft, the 
bearings can be "scrubed out of the rubber bearing boot or the boot can be 
damaged. Sewing at the speeds you described would not affect the bearings, 
unless they were allowed to become very dry from lack of lubrication, which 
could then possibly damage the containment boot.

Rod Springer
Amaya Tech & Trainer


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