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The current economic conditions are forcing me to liquate our embroidery 
business.  Our loss is your gain.  I am looking for someone to take over 
payments on the lease of our Melco AMAYA XT.  We have paid a down payment of 
over $1000 and 15 monthly payments to $231.  We have 45 payments to go.  We are 
not trying to recoup any of the monies paid to date, so our loss is your gain.  
You will be able to assume the lease and gain all the tax benefits and low cost 
of ownership without having to pay the down payment or over a year of payment.  
I will also be including Micro Pocket Clamps, Hoop Master hooping station, 7-in 
-1 fast frames, Dakota Treasure Chest, stabilizer, thread, needles, and extra 
hoops.  The running time of this machine is extremely low (part of the reason 
for us closing down our business) at only 34 hours.  I have performed 
maintenance at the beginning of each use and the machine is in excellent 
condition.  Upon approval by Beacon Funding, I will arrange for the 
 unit and accessories to be professionally boxed/crated and shipped.  If you 
have any questions, please email me at keherbst@xxxxxxxxxxx or call me at 

Thank you,
Kent Herbst

Melco AMAYA XT Single Head Embroidery Machine
CPU Time:  114 hours 45 minutes
Z Run Time: 34 Hours 21 Minutes

        AMAYA OS 2009
        AMAYA Design Shop Lite 2009

Machine stand on wheels
        4- 18 cm plastic round hoops
        4-15 cm plastic round hoops
        2-12 cm plastic round hoops
        2-22 cm plastic round hoop
        2 -  44 cm x 30 cm rectangular wood hoop ? Jacket Back
        2 ? hat hoops and driver
Micro Pocket Clamps and Drivers:
        3.5 in x 2.75 in Micro Clamp (List price $100)
        2.5 in x 3.75 in Micro Clamp (List Price $100)
        Micro Cylindrical Hoop Gauge (List Price $100)

7 in 1 Fast Frames system (List price $300)

Hoop Master Hooping system with insert for 15 cm Hoop (List Price $615)
Dakota 2008 Treasure Chest
        Roll of Hat Stabilizer
        Multiple rolls of stabilizer (cut away/tear away/solvy)
        Assorted other stabilizer packages and loose

        Boxes of pre-wound bobbins
        285 spools (NEW) ? 1000m ARC thread (distinct colors)
        34 Large cones of thread ? Some partially used.

        Sharp and Ball Point needles


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