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There is a trick my tech taught me, but hard to explain in words but I will try.

If you take the front cover off you can easily access all rollers.  But before 
doing so, pull several feet of thread thru all the needles & tie all the 
threads together at the end.  This will keep them from pulling out of the 
needles.  Then take the small plate (that says AMAYA on it) off. Loosen the 2 
screws one on each side & lift the front cover off. Gently pulling it down thru 
threads and let it rest at the end of threads where knot is tied.  You can then 
remove all of the rollers with ease.  Cut the time it takes me to do this 
maintaince in half.  When done slowly while holding thread knot, start pulling 
the front cover back up into place.


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