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Subject: safety for all

> Hello list, I just received a message stating that President Gray had
> been in a transit accident of some sort, and didn't hear about it until
> today, and hope that he is o k.  The message didn't mention which
> transit system it was, but here is the message that mentions the
> accident, but that's all I have right now.  
> Hello all --
> I was indeed saddened to learn about our President's, Chris Gray,
> unfortunate accident, where he fell off the platform between the cars.
> Take this incident, along with having persons who are blind/visually
> impaired and/or persons not paying attention and/or rushing, and we are
> observing accidents waiting to happen in the future -- and this can
> easily
> be prevented!!!.
> Perhaps part of our "safety request" i.e. truncated domes on platform
> edges,
> should be the safety interface that is placed so that you can't/won't
> fall
> down, or accidentally walk into the open place between the cars.  I
> observed
> this being installed on the trains in Los Angeles - and it can really
> help
> prevent an accident!!!
> As a member of the CAT (Committee on Access and Transportation of the
> California Council of the Blind and a member of the Environmental
> Access
> Committee of ACB, I am going to propose  a resolution regarding this,
> and
> also request that this be considered for your Transportation Position
> Paper.
> I also think that we should request that all bikes, skateboards,
> scooters,
> Segways (and all items similar to this personal mobility device)be
> banned
> from being used on transit malls and platforms and their surrounding
> supportive environment.
> Barbara Rhodes
> Barbara Rhodes
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> Subject: Re: Visually impaired man struck by SkyTrain
> Hello Katrina:
>     I don't know how long it will take or how many more sighted or
> blind
> people have to fall off the platform before approving tactile borders
> on
> platform edges will be installed in all subway stations.  Sure, there
> may be
> a fight to get tactile borders installed, but the process of approval
> to
> have it done is going much too slow.  To me, there should not be
> approval to
> install tactile borders.  It should be done outright regardless of
> whether
> or not there's been an approval or not.  To me, this is compared to
> nurses
> and doctors waiting for an approval to give a patient antibiotics for
> their
> illness even though it's well known that the patient will get better if
> given the antibiotics.
>     I don't know much about the tactile strips the article is talking
> about
> having installed--how wide or how high up from the platform's surface
> the
> tactile strip is--but i think that a low fence that stands three feet
> high
> with a turnstile or gate that opens and closes at the spot the train
> pulls
> up to should be installed instead.  This would guarantee that the
> person
> using a cane or a dog would not miss the tactile strip.  Of course,
> this
> kind of a fencing is not only beneficial to blind people, but also to
> other
> people iwth disabilities and sighted or not disabled.
> Linda.
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