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Greetings, Gamers.

It's Justin Daubenmire, owner of BSC Games. I want to give you an update on 
Hunter's progress and then talk about the Hunter sound trailer a bit. 

Hunter is going well in beta testing. Things are progressing nicely. I can 
foresee the beta testing cycle taking most of February to complete the work. 
Based on this, I am going to say that the projected release date for Hunter 
will be late February or more than likely, the first or second week of March 

The setup for Hunter is the largest ever for BSC Games weighing in at 45 MB so 
far. That size may increase but hopefully not by much more. However, as we 
add/modify sounds, the game,  and so forth, the setup keeps increasing in size. 
I am using the unpacking routine to reduce the size of the setup file. Once 
Hunter is installed, you will have to unpack the game files but the setup gives 
you the option to automatically start that process upon installation 
completion. Since Hunter is such a larger scaled game, the unpacking process 
can take up to 6 minutes or more depending on the speed of your computer. Keep 
in mind, in Hunter, I have created 10 totally distinct levels of game play and 
each level has it's own stereo rich set of sounds. Just to give you an idea, if 
I did not use the unpacking process in the Hunter installation/setup, the 45 MB 
setup file would be 125 MB. Also keep in mind, we are adding sounds to the game 
as we go so the compressed setup could get even larger than 50 MB. It just 
depends on what all we add to the game. Trust me, your going to love the 
sounds. It is the best sound work done yet in a BSC Game. I decided at the 
start of Hunter that I was not going to hold back on the sound work in the game 
and looks like I am holding true to that goal. *smile*.

Not to worry though, I will offer a way for dial-up users to purchase the game 
on CD and then get your unlock code after you install it from the CD if my 
fellow dial-up users do not want to download such a large setup file. I myself 
am a dial-up user so can certainly understand the *long* download that will be. 
However, as we dial-up users know, start it before you go to bed and then in 
the morning... happy Hunting. *smile*. And all the cable and DSL users give a 
hardy belly up laugh at the dial-up users. LOL.

For those of you who don't know, Hunter will cost $30 USD and if you order it 
on CD it is an additional $10 USD to cover the cost of CD creation and shipping 
costs world wide.

Well, the hunter sound trailer is ready for downloading! Due to the graphic 
nature of some of the sounds in the Hunter sound trailer, I recommend that this 
sound trailer should not be played by people under the age of 13. When Hunter 
is live for download and purchasing, I also recommend that the game not be 
played by persons under the age of 13. Some of the sounds are graphic. Not 
many, but some.

The sound trailer illustrates only brief segments of 5 out of the 10 levels of 
the game. What you hear in the sound trailer is not the full level being 
played, just a part of it. The 5 levels that are illustrated in the sound 
trailer are: the jungle hunt, swamp walk, valley of the tigers, quest for 
treasure, and the ancient bone pipes. The levels that are not illustrated in 
the sound trailer are: fishing level, Gnapper bugs, canoe ride, mountain climb, 
and the vine swing level. Since we are so busy developing the game, we didn't 
have time to do all the levels in the sound trailer but wanted to give you a 
taste of what Hunter has to offer so we did half of them. Also to note, the 
Hunter sound trailer is in a reduced quality sound format so the sounds you 
hear are close to the real thing but the original sounds in the game will sound 
slightly better. You must have windows media player 7 or higher installed or 
WinAmp to play the sound trailer since it is in wma format.

And now the link to the Hunter sound trailer:


While waiting for Hunter to be released, if you ever wonder how things are 
going with the development of the game, just pop by BSCGames.com once in a 
while and read under the "What's New" section.


Justin Daubenmire
President BSC Games
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