[adaptech] Fw: The announcement you've been waiting to see!

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Subject: The announcement you've been waiting to see!

> GW Micro is proud to announce the latest version of the most "Rock Solid"
> screen reader available: Window-Eyes 4.5 Beta 1. The past six months have
> been a flurry of exciting times for GW Micro. New partnerships with
> Microsoft, Fonix, ScanSoft, and Peoplesoft, plus incredible new Internet
> support, the inclusion of two (yes, two!) new synthesizers for FREE, and a
> host of other features and enhancements have come together, not only to
> create the latest version of Window-Eyes, but the greatest version.
> Window-Eyes is knocking down barriers more than ever by providing users
> with new career opportunities, creating rich and intuitive learning
> experiences, and establishing unprecedented and unrivaled secure and
> environments. Think "Rock Solid" is just a catch phrase? Think again. No
> one comes close to the reliability of Window-Eyes. Now with Error
> capabilities, Window-Eyes has the ability to learn from its mistakes.
> There are many other new features and enhancements, too many to list in
> this announcement, so please take the time to read through all of the
> available documentation. There are four main documents on the beta web
> that you will want to familiarize yourself with: the Window-Eyes 4.5
> Readme, Window-Eyes 4.5 Enhanced Internet Support, Remote Access Solutions
> with Window-Eyes and Citrix MetaFrame XP, and Remote Access Solutions with
> Window-Eyes and Microsoft Terminal Services. We want to make sure that you
> understand exactly how you can take the most advantage of Window-Eyes 4.5
> Beta 1.
> We are only looking for feedback regarding all of the new features of
> Window-Eyes 4.5 Beta 1. You may either report your findings directly to
> GW-Info list, or to support@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> Note that in order to install and use Window-Eyes 4.5 Beta 1, you MUST
> already be running one of the following:
> * Window-Eyes Standard 4.2 or greater
> * Window-Eyes Professional 4.2 or greater
> * Window-Eyes Demo 4.2 or greater
> The Window-Eyes 4.5 Beta 1 and all available documentation can be found at
> www.gwmicro.com/beta.
> We are very excited to bring you this latest version, and look forward to
> your detailed responses.
> Clarence Whaley
> Director Of Sales And Marketing
> GW Micro
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