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As Kaye told us in the February edition of the ACC Barks newsletter, we  
will be transferring our email discussion list to a Yahoo list.  Our ACC  
Board member, Eric Johnson, will be the moderator.   On March 10th,  this 
Freelists list will be shut down and no longer used.  To participate  in the 
list, you will need to be a current member of the ACC just as you  have for 
this list.  If you have not paid your 2011 dues, please be sure to  do that 
before the 10th.  You may renew online at the web site 
(_www.alabamacaninecoaltion.org_ (http://www.alabamacaninecoaltion.org) )  or 
you may print out 
the form there and snail mail it and your check directly to  Kaye.
Our email discussion list is the primary way we share information with each 
 other.  More importantly, it is our first-line "defense" and alert system  
to notify members when there is proposed legislation coming up that would  
negatively impact our members and all dog owners in the state.  Our Alabama  
legislative session starts today.  So far, we have not seen any onerous  
bills being discussed.  But it is early days and that can always change,  and 
rather quickly.  When it does, we will need everyone to know what is  going 
on and what to do.  So please make sure you have full access to the  ACC 
discussion list.
Donna  & the Dosido Gang
Remlap, Alabama
Visit me at _www.mydoublenickellife.blogspot.com_ 
(http://www.doublenickellife.blogspot.com/)   and help support the Alabama 
Canine Coalition by 
shopping/searching through  _http://www.goodsearch.com_ 
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Every year of  dog love is worth seven years of the human stuff. (Michael  

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