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Hello there;

Try the following;

1, go to desktop,

2, press the f5key, or, ctrl+spacebar to unselect icons.

3, press, the applications key,
Now down arrow until you hear;
Graphics options, sub menu,
Either right arrow to open, or press the enter key.

4, now down arrow until you hear;
Rotation sub menu,
Again right arrow to open or just press the enter key.

Now, make sure that,
Normal is checked,
If not, arrow to normal and press enter.

Also, you can turn off the hot-keys, which caused this in the first place.

1, desktop
2, perform the above steps,
However, when you get into the graphics options sub menu,
Arrow until you hear;
Hot-keys sub menu,
Right arrow to open, or simply press the enter key.
Now down arrow and enter on disable.

Hope this helps.

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I know this is just a visual thing, but I really need help! My daughter says
my computer screen or at least the view of it is turned sideways. how do I
change it back to normal. I am using Windows XP. Thank you.
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