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I also love this program and don't care for Winrar, the program originally 
made to make those files.  With 7zip you get a sub menu on the applications 
key.  Find the file you want to extract, right click on it or press the 
applications key, down arrow to the seven zip sub menu, and choose extract 
to or extract to here.  It will extract the files with no fuss.  It's also a 
very small program that handles all kinds of archived files.
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Hello there;

you could try;


you can find the program at:


once you get to the programs page, search for, 7 zip.

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Subject: [accesscomp] .rar files

Can anyone recommend a program that will work well to open .rar files.
It is a compression program similar to  zip files but would like a
recommendation which program works best with JAWS and windows xp...
Thank you in advance...
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