[accesscomp] Re: problem downloading PDF file

  • From: "ridge007" <ridge_007@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2010 20:59:55 -0400

Thanks for your response. Below is how I solve the problem.
I routed the jaws cursor to the virtual cursor and did a right click on the 
link. The option to "save target as" appeared in the dialogue. I hit enter, on 
"save target as", and downloaded my file.
Blessings, Rob
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  People who make PDF files can sometimes specify that they have to be opened 
in the browser.  That's one reason you might not see the save target as option. 
 One possible way around it though is to run the accessibility setup assistant 
from the document menu again.  

  1.  Open Adobe Reader 8 or 9.
  2.  Press alt D, then up arrow once to the accessibility setup assistant and 
press enter.
  3.  Tab one time to the use recommended settings and skip setup button and 
press space.  You may or may not see some quick screen activity as settings are 
  4.  Close Adobe Reader and try to open your file again.
  If this works you will hear the prompts about reading untagged documents.  
Press enter and see if it opens in the program instead of the browser.  
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  From: ridge007 
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  Subject: [accesscomp] problem downloading PDF file

  Hi all,
  I'm experiencing difficulty in downloading a .PDF file. The problem is that 
whenever I right click or use the application key I'm not being given the 
option to: save target as. Without this option the file opens in my browser, 
thus, eliminating the ability to download this file to my hard drive. Have 
anyone of you had this problem before? If so, what is the fix to overcome this 
  Thanks, Rob

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