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The whole point of having a router is to use one or more computers over the 
same internet connection.  If using 1 it adds a physical barrier and level of 
control, with more it's able to share (through different methods) that service 
across all machines.  Just connect your laptop wirelessly to that router and 
enjoy, the desktop has nothing to do with anything.  (a cable also works, the 
connection method doesn't matter

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  Hello  listers: I have a  question  for you. What  if  your  desk  top  
computer  doesn't  work  any more  You  want to  only  put  your  laptop  on 
the internet; Do  you  have to  hook  the  laptop  to the  router?in  order  to 
 go  on the  internet  using  it? Or, Do  you  unhook  the  router  put the  
laptop  onto  the modem  disable  it's  wireless  card? Any  help  will  be 

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