[accesscomp] New Victor Reader Stream 3.0 on Tech Talk March 23

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        Accessible World News Wire 


Join us Monday March 23 in The Pat Price Tech Talk Training Room to learn about 
the newest Victor Reader Stream version 3.0software. We have invited Gerry 
Chevalier, Victor Reader Product Manager at HumanWare, to tell us about this 
major new release for the Stream. 


HumanWare has just announced Stream 3.0 at the CSUN conference in Los Angeles 
and Gerry will tell us more about it. Version 3.0 includes many new features 
requested by happy Stream users. Learn how your Stream has been enhanced with 
optional multi-level bookshelf navigation, text file search, bookmark alerts, 
music playlist innovations, usability improvements, and more. The Victor Reader 
Stream now enjoyed by tens of thousands worldwide is better than ever. 
HumanWare has been committed to innovating and improving the Stream since its 
launch in September 2007 and version 3.0 is the latest example of that 


We all know that sound investments are tough to find these days but the Victor 
Reader Stream continues to excel as one of the soundest tehcnology investments 
anywhere. Come and join us Monday March 23 in The Pat Price Tech Talk Training 
Room and learn how your Stream has just got a whole lot    better. 


Contact Info: 

HumanWare www.humanware.com 

USA us.support@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Tel: 1-800-722-3393 

Canada: ca.support@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Tel: 1-800-723-7273 

UK: eu.info@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Tel: +44 1933 415 800 

Australia: au.sales@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Tel: +61 2 9686 2600 

New Zealand: nz.info@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Tel: Phone +64 3 384 4555 



Date:  Monday, March 23, 2009. 


Time:  5:00 p.m. Pacific, 6:00 p.m. Mountain, 7:00 p.m. Central, 

           8:00 p.m.Eastern and elsewhere in the world Tuesday 0:00 GMT 


Where:  The Pat Price Tek Talk Training Room at:



Or, alternatively. 


Select The Pat Price Tek Talk Training Room at: http://www.accessibleworld.org. 
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