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10 Best Websites for Troubleshooting Computer Problems

1. About Troubleshooting Guides : About.com has been there for ages now, with 
every guide and step by step tutorials the site has made itself one the most 
biggest troubleshooting sites. You will likely finding most of the computer 
problems and their suitable solution.



2. Computerhope : A very simple and plain website, but very effective in its 
approach. Computerhope has several question listed on the basic computer 
troubleshooting page, with those of-course they have solutions.



3. Microsoft : Microsoft also has troubleshooting guides to help you with 
general windows problem, they have this page of fixing common PC problems, 
where you will find most of the question you probably need.



4. WikiHow : Wikihow is collaboration of thoughts, its editable guide, a how to 
site which is dedicated for helping in solutions. With detailed and easy 
instructions you will be able to find many computer related issues and there 
easy solutions.



5. Howtogeek :  How to geek has varied sections dedicated to solving computer 
problems. With Linux and Windows section being most popular, you can also find 
your great wallpapers which can make your desktop look beautiful.



6. PCMag : PC Mag has some fantastic set to how to, guides and tutorials on 
windows. Probably the best magazine as well.



7. Labnol : A very popular blog, among indians and you can find every possible 
solution with in-depth tutorial guides on window and mac. Labnol also has 
certain tools which are really useful for web developer and coders.



8. Dummies : Dummies as the name suggest is not only for dummies but 
professionals to. It has long list of articles and how to guides to make one 
expert in computing. You can easily troubleshoot any PC with there detailed 
instructions and tips on solving issues.



9. Makeuseof : The best tech site I have came across in last few years, they 
have very popular pages with best of section and have many different solutions 
for many problems.



10. Lifehacker : A must visit site for all computer geeks and lovers.





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