[accesscomp] Accessible World Present an Important announcement, may 21, 2009

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    Subject: AccessibleWorld Presents an Important Announcement, may 21, 2009


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Dear Friends,

Last week, the Executive Committee of Accessible World met and made the 
decision to archive only our Tek Talk events and our Special Programs.  We also 
decided to send all of our other Discussion Group recorded meetings through the 
Accessible World announce list via Sendspace.


Sendspace allows one to download and save those files or programs of your 
choice. You have 7 days to download what you wish.  When you receive one of our 
files and wish to download and listen to it, do the following:

1 Enter on the link provided in the Announcement.  This will take you to Send 
Space.  You do not need to register nor do you need a password.

2 Just above the Graphic Button will be your file with an identifiable name.

3 Enter and download the file in a folder on My Documents.

4 Listen and enjoy!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write me at 
boacosta@xxxxxxxxxxxx  If you don't want a particular meeting, just feel free 
to hit the delete key.


Robert Acosta, Chair

Accessible World

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