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George and all,

The first link you gave gives information about the threat and at the bottom 
there's a link which takes you to download spynomore which, it appears, is the 
best way to remove it.

Please correct me if I'm wrong . . ..  I just took a cursory look, in case I 
should need to know.



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  Looks like this is well known, but I can't find out how you remove it.

  The Guardian newspaper have two reports I found on it - links below.



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  I wonder if anyone else has experienced this. Somehow, without authorisation 
or acceptance from me, a application called My Bill has installed itself into 
my start up and placed a short cut on my desktop.

  It would appear that it is a bill collection scam by an outfit calling itself 
Micro Bill Systems Ltd, based in Leeds.

  They collect monies on behalf of web sites; mostly the unsavoury and non 
christian types.

  There claim is that I accepted the terms and conditions of a pop up and 
subscribed to a site for a sum of £39.95, and because I did not cancel the 
subscription within three days I am liable.

  I have reported it to my local police and the trading standards offic, as 
this practise is wholly unsolicitated, and what is more I was away from my 
computer for a week during the time in which they claim the acceptance was 

  My question is, how do I remove this application from my PC as I don't seem 
to be able to locate an uninstall?
  Many thanks


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