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  • Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 15:43:30 -0000

Hi George
Thanks for your message.  It probably did come with a CD,  but it is located in 
an office quite a distance from me so I wanted to see if I could get them from 
the internet first. So if you please know of anywhere (other than the viewsonic 
site which I have already tried and could not find them) where I could obtain 
the drivers from, that would be great.
This is by no means an urgent problem, so yes I could get the CD early in 
January without any difficulty. It just would have been nice to solve it.

Brian Hartgen
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  Hi Brian,

  Didn't the Viewsonic come with a CD containing drivers?


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  I wonder if anyone can please help. I have a Viewsonic VE710S monitor, and 
have just plugged it into a new computer I have purchased.  
  When the computer is switched on, the windows logo etc. appears on the screen 
and everything is fine until it reaches the desktop.  Then, no images from the 
computer appear on the monitor at all.  
  If I change screen resolutions, the monitor tries to display the new settings 
for a second or two, then it does not display.

  The video drivers for the display adapter are the latest, so we are OK there. 
 I cannot find any drivers on the internet for this monitor.

  Thanks for any help.
  Brian Hartgen
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