[access-uk] Re: losing speech on my ipHone

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I think that Apple should allow v12 to be re-installed. v13 is shocking, lots and lots of bugs.

Steve Nutt recently said:-


Since all the problems with iOS 13 are mounting up, it's hard to respond with anything positive. This is a really bad release, even from sighted peoples' views that I have spoken to. Apple should be ashamed.

All the best


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Subject: [access-uk] Re: losing speech on my ipHone

Come on Steve you can respond more responsively than that!

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Subject: [access-uk] Re: losing speech on my ipHone

Welcome to iOS 13.  It's the crappiest update I have ever seen of iOS.

Makes me feel good to be an Android user.

All the best


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Subject: [access-uk] losing speech on my ipHone

For the last couple of weeks or so, when I end a phone call it often results in me losing speech on my iPhone. Is anyone else having this problem? Even asking Siri to enable Voiceover doesn't help and the phone loses all its usual navigation noises.
My husband has come to my aid and can usually get things going by disabling and re-enabling Voiceover but today it was particularly difficult so I had to leave him with it.
I don't know what he's done but I've come home to a very oddly-behaving iPhone which is offering voice bars to expand or minimise and keeps saying "try" and speaking a screen when I touch a button.
I suspect he has been playing around with the settings. If I do a reset, will this lose all the apps I have downloaded?
Alisonp.s. it is a 6 SE with the latest IOS settings.

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