[access-uk] Re: list moderator

  • From: "Tony Sweeney" <tonysweeney1@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008 16:17:00 -0000

Hi Vincent, 

Please read the below
  and it should be of help to you. 

  We hope the following may answer your questions:-

  Q:  Where do I send instruction to leave, etc., and what is the command?

  A:  All commands should be sent to

  Q:  Where do I put the command?

  A:  In the Subject line only.  Do NOT put any text in the body of the message.

  Q:  How do I get off this list?

  Put the single word command unsubscribe in the Subject

  Q:  Holidays - I want to stop list mail while I am away - how?

  Put the single word command vacation in the Subject.

  Q:  Holidays - I'm back and want to restart mail - How?

  Put the two word command unset vacation in the Subject

  Q:  If I get into trouble, who can I get help from?

  A:  You can reach a human being by sending a normal e-mail message to:-


  But please remember that Moderators are human beings, and may not be able to 
answer requests immediately, especially if you e-mail in the middle of the

  Q:  Digest - Can I get the list in Digest form?

  A:  A daily digest can be obtain by sending a message to the request address 
with the Subject:-

  set access-uk digest

  Q:  Can I get a Digest AND regular messages?

  A:  Yes, send a message to the request address with the command:-

  set access-uk digest2

  Q:  How do I stop digests and go back to receiving normal messages?

  A:  Send a message to the request address with the Subject:-

  unset access-uk digest

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  who is the list moderator on this list. many thanks.


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