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Hi Brian,
I am extremely hopeful that you will get your Zooms for Christmas, and just
as hopeful that it will be from CRS.  I am now in talks (no pun intended),
with Nuance directly.
All the best
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This is interesting news.
While travelling in the car this morning I was listening to this week'sMain
Menu.  The first item contained an interview with two representatives of
Nuance, previously Scansoft, who now develop Talks for series 60 mobile
People may not know that there is now an equivalent to Talks available in
order that people using larger print can access the series 60 phones.  This
product is called Zooms and was the subject of the item.   I mention this
because I am sure this will present a lot of interest to people, especially
since it can also be run in conjunction with the latest release of Talks
which is 2.5.
Upon contacting Computer Room Services, I discovered that they are hopefully
going to sell Zooms, but it is unclear at the moment as to when this will
be.  I was hoping to purchase it for someone for Christmas, but quite
whether I will be able to, I am not sure yet.  Apparently, RNIB are now the
master distributor of Talks and presumably Zooms, which I did not know, but
it seems we are waiting on them to make a move in the right direction prior
to anyone being able to purchase it.
As I say, I thought people may be interested because it seems a great
product.  You can check out the main menu programme which is broadcasting
right now, or from the replay Wednesday section on aCB Radio.
Brian Hartgen
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