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Dear Peter,
Have you tried using the Imp Voice Diary for auto-dialling from its phone
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Hi all,
What I'd really like to see in future versions of MS Outlook is the ability
to dial a number through the system speakers. I've seen it in other
programs, Prima Dialer, now defunct, being one of them. What you'd do in
this case, is highlight a contact, press Control D to automatically dial. As
you do this, you hold your receiver to the system speakers and the speakers
blurt out a set of peeps and beeps that represent the actual number you are
calling. Your telephone interprets these sounds as numbers, just as you hear
when you auto-dial a number on your home phone.  Programming this feature is
a simple matter, too! Instead of Outlook dialing through an IPCONF line or
H323 line, it dials through the sound card. No more would you jaws cursor
through character by character, the number that you wish to contact. In this
day and age there are very few of us who use a dial-up modem, and even less
who wish to connect a dial-up modem to a broadband connected computer to
achieve the auto-dial functionality of Outlook and other programs.  Having
this said, isn't the auto-dial functionality of MS Outlook a redundant
function for today's office? What a big plus this would be to the blind and
visually impaired community. I've contacted individual software, Any Time
Software, and I will contact Jaws and Zoomtext to petition for this option
to be looked at for later versions.

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