[access-uk] Re: Talking books: two questions and a reader's thoughts

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Two quick comments folks.

My question about the fast forward and rewind would be nice to have an answer 
to.  The lack of such a facility is hard to fathom, such a thing is so easy in 

In the case of the book I am reading, the narration is fluent enough, but the 
odd fluff could have been edited out.  Mark up, if that's what it is called, is 
minimal, just chapters, and chapter anouncements almost blunder into the text 
of the book.  Guess its the reader's style that really gets to me, but then 
maybe he was giving his time freely, or for less than Equity rates, don't know 
about that, and I'd guess the recording is at least 25 years old, probably 

One would hope that, given the investment now talked about at RNIB in 
equipment, three studios, SADIE editing and all, that things are being done 
better now.  That said, what seems to defeat RNIB - and just about everyone 
else - is the people hours available for such tasks as editing and marking up 
propperly.  Seems so much of the DAISY system's potential for navigation is 
being sidelined by this lack of ongoing funding for employing more actual human 
beings.  Still, dare say the same lack is obvious everywhere now.  

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