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Sorry for taking up invaluable space on this list but I have to compliment John 
on such a wonderful description on searching for a program.  Maybe you should 
be writing the guide John.
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  Hi all,


  Someone recently asked if there was a search facility on the TVonics 
DTR-HD500 (I think it was Gordon, but could be mistaken). At the time I was not 
too sure about this but have just found it and the way to do it is as follows:


  1.       Press the EPG button (11 o'clock from the circular navigation 

  2.       Press the 'green' button (second button in from the left on the 
bottom row);


  At this point an edit box appears where you can enter the text, note that the 
default is alphabetic, but this can be changed to qwerty by pressing the down 


  3.       Type the name of the programme you want to search for letter by 
letter pressing the OK button in the middle of the circular navigation button - 
navigate through the various alphabetic letters and numerals by pressing the 
up, down, left and right directional arrows;

  4.       Once you have entered the programme name, press the 'green' button 
to search.


  A list of programmes with that name, date of broadcast and time will appear. 
You can then set the timer to record the programme should you wish.


  Saves navigating through the myriad of cells in the EPG if you are looking 
for a particular programme.





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