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  • Date: Fri, 16 May 2014 14:37:42 +0100

Many thanks David.


I’ve now taken a look at the app, and I have to agree with you, it’s so much 
more user friendly than the desktop.  I’ll be changing over without a doubt now 
to the app.


Many thanks.




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Hi sharon,

I'm totally blind and use jaws and voiceover.  I don't touch spotify on my 
laptop as ian said, it's worse than rubbish and when spotify are contacted they 
seem not bothered in the slightest that their app for the pc at any rate is one 
of the most inaccessible out there that i've come across.

So I use the app exclusively on my iphone and ipad.  I've found, as is often 
the case, that the later tinkered with versions are slightly less accessible 
than the first versions.



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Could someone kindly tell me how accessible the Spotify app is using an I-Phone.


Also do I need to subscribe to this, I currently have a free account, as I’ve 
found the desktop version very hard to use lately, so have not bothered to 


I’m considering using it now with the phone if it’s better.


Any help appreciated.





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