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Hi Brian

It sounds like your Sky volume is too loud, or it is plugged into the wrong 
auxiliary socket on the surround sound system.

If it is the Sky side, you would need to go into one of the menus on your box 
and turn it down.  I have a feeling it might be in Services, then System, but 
it's a long long time since I ever got anybody to do anything in there for me, 
and I've still got the original Sky DigiBox, not Sky Plus or HD.

Sorry I can't be of any more use.


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  Hi Brian,

  I had a similar problem using a sky box and a Philips home cinema system, the 
answer for me was quite simple and relates to the volume on the sky remote, I 
had the volume on the sky box remote at maximum so the sound quality was 
poor.It took me a while to try turning down the volume on both the tv and the 
home cinema system but this did not work until I turned down the volume on the 
sky remote. This is probably unlikely to resolve your  issue but thought I 
would mention it anyway!

  Best wishes 


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    For years I have experienced distorted reception when using Sky box through 
home cinema amp with either RCA or now optical via sky+. It is not my amp etc 
as I have tried others; 5.1 and 6.1. Have called in Sky engineers and all they 
are concerned with is picture quality. They refused to move the dish or replace 
it. I have thought about using larger dish instead of mini dish. This is very 
frustrating as I have heard better sound through systems costing far less in 
other parts of the UK. Has anyone had the same problem and more importantly, if 
they have, did they get over it and if so how? 


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