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  • Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2007 16:59:05 +0100

Your only hope is that your system is capable of booting
from a USB drive connected to it.  However not only does
this mean you need a USB CD drive, you also need to get into
the BIOS to set it up.
Best to get your CD drive fixed first me thinks.


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Hi all,
I want to reinstall XP on my computer, but the problem is
that the CD drive isn't working so I'm not able to use the
recovery CD's I have. So, would anyone possibly have a
suggestion other than repairing my CD drive? I have another
computer with a working CD drive that I can network to this
computer I'm formatting, as well as an external hard drive
that can be linked to either of my computers. Does this
spark any ideas?
Many thanks for any help,

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