[access-uk] Re: Recovered files

  • From: "Barry Hill" <bbinc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2006 14:34:10 -0000

Hi George

Running word does not open them but, when I go to close Word, I am asked if I 
want to view the recovered documents the next time I open Word.  There is a 
check box for yes, no and cancel.  Checking yes, then re-starting Word does not 
open them.  However, this did mention the task pane.  I found the task paine in 
View but I'm struggling to open the files in here.  Jaws 5.1 isnt' very good 
with this, it seems.  Any suggestions?


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Hi Barry,

Running Word again MAY display them, but I suspect it depends on you having the 
autosave feature turned on.


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My computer has, for some reason, just restarted itself on it's own.  I had a 
few files open in Word.  I know that Windows has some document recovery, but I 
have no idea how to get into them.  Anyone help?



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