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Does the DM5 speak all the menu's and functions?  Or, just folder name etc?



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Hi Mandy,
Olympus DM5 is what you may be looking for, it has speech for menus and
settings, conference facility for recording (or you could purchase an
external microphone, tells you battery state etc etc.
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Hi All.
I am wondering what any of you would recommend as a good stereo recorder for
recording events in ones  life - grandchildren, just different happenings.
I already have a reasonably decent stereo microphone which I used with my
pocket plextalk until that went wrong and policy is the manufacturers do not
repair after it is out of guarantee so now I need something to record with,
I do have the Zoom  H2but I cannot tell when the batteries are going and
really I want something I can conceal in a handbag or pocket and just keep
the microphone visible rather than having to walk around holding in my hand
to get a decent recording.
Ideally I want something totally accessible -   the Olympus recorder has
been mentioned to me are there different models I should look at before

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