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As Andy has already said, put the query to the Active Elements, RAIBC, or
Blind hams lists, all of which you will find by an internet search.

As an initial comment, you are making incorrect assumptions.


David W Wood 

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Hi list, and especially to other fellow radio amateurs out there.
I'm just wondering, if anyone uses a linear amp on HF? Due to the very
nature of them they obviously require tuning, then there's the issue of the
auto tuner not being able to handle anything past 300W, and I'm lead to
believe one probably needs 400 + to make any difference.
It's not that I'm power-crazy, I'm just thinking it might give me a bit of a
"leg up" in the  somewhat fiercer  pileups.
I'd be interested to see if anyone has any solutions! I fear it might be a
bit of a long-shot though, as there doesn't appear to be anything on

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