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Hi Andy

What I do is hold the AFB label as if I'm looking at it, that is, with
the cut-off corner at the top left.  I then lay it on my labels tray in
that position on the printer.  In Word, I simply type the address of the
person to whom it is going, and centre the entire text.

When the label comes out of my printer, it does so upside down, so when
I turn it the right way up, the address is completely centred, and there
is enough space at the top for the AFB logo to be displayed.

I don't know if this helps you, but that's my method, and I've been
doing it that for years.

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Hi all -
This is something I'd really like to be able to do if at all possible.
Has anybody achieved it? or can somebody with sufficient vision give me
some guidelines for positioning an address using MSWord, so as to get
the address in the correct place on the label; I'm imagining using
landscape will be the way to go, but I'm unclear as to how many blank
lines to leave, and how far in from the margin to begin, as I know there
is already some writing on the AFB labels themselves, but don't know
where about. I would also imagine it to be necessary to place the label
to the right most edge of the papers feeder on my printer.
Thanks -

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