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  • Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 17:57:42 +0100

HI Eleanor

It isn't easy to do this as the e-mail acconts are stored in
the registry. There is software that will do it for you, I
use one called BackRex Outlook Backup v2.8 for Windows
      Web:             http://www.backsettings.com
It isn't free but is worth having.



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Can someone tell me how to save my Outlook e-mail accounts
(I will save them on to a flash drive) and I then want to
import them in to Outlook on a different computer.  I am
using Outlook 2003.  I would also like to know how I can set
Outlook so that it goes directly to my Inbox and so that I
have all my folders on the left side of the screen and my
Inbox on the remainder.  I do not wish to have a Preview
Payne either.  Thank you for all help.

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