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many thanks, will give it a  go.
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  I know that AMD CCC is something to do with your Radeon graphics card 
software. Try uninstalling the AMD software from add or remove programs and 
hopefully that will get rid of this AMD CCC annoying message.

  No idea about the rest I'm afraid.


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  I  am using Jaws 14 with Windows 7, not mad about either.
  I  get announcements at odd times, very confusing.
  It seems that a  couple of windows never close and these shout out their 
existence without warning.
  Also at boot up they are particularly vocal.
  Using optical recognition and virtualizing  the window the following is what 
my windows list says when everything is closed
  Window List

  Running Applications

  AMD:CCC-AEMCapturingWindow Restored

  IndicatorWnd Restored

  Only include On Top windows

  Switch To Cancel About 

  If I  covirt

  uld get them to just shut it, that would be nice.


  I  can't get any information about these, and if I  could just shut them up 
all would be fine.


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