[access-uk] More on set top boxes

  • From: "Andy Collins" <Andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2006 17:59:45 -0000

Hi all -

My research on this so far, has produced the below item from Argos, which looks 
pretty much what I'm after, but I'm wondering about it's accessibility, so 
anybody seen one or using one? any body got any comments on Sagem as a brand?

Also Elsewhere, I have seen something called the IPLAYER plus that seems to 
have the ability to deliver the audio described signal, it claims to be the 
only top box to do this, is this true does anybody know? And will it record, or 
is it just a receiver? Grateful for any help in this mine field!

From Argos:

Sagem 40Gb HDD Personal Video Recorder with Twin Tuner.
Nested Table with 3 columns and 2 rows, nesting level 1
table end

List of 29 items
. Model PVR6240T.
. Cool grey and dark grey.
. Record up to 20 hours of programmes on the internal 40Gb hard drive with 
digital audio and video quality.
. Twin tuner allows you to watch one programme and record another 
. Full access to all Freeview channels.
. Widescreen recording and playback.
. Digitally interactive.
. Digital text - 'red' button.
. Digital video broadcasting (DVB) subtitles available.
. Auto setup.
. Auto tuning.
. Auto search tuning.
. 7 day electronic programme guide (EPG).
. Easy management of records.
. Time shift - pause and rewind live TV.
. Instant replay feature.
. Create up to 7 list of 'favourites'.
. Parental control and channel lock.
. Receiver lock (by pin code).
. Programme timer.
. On screen display and menu.
. Still frame.
. Real time tape counter.
. 2 SCART sockets.
. 1 SCART lead.
. Remote control (batteries supplied).
. 230v AC mains operated.
. Size (H)4.8, (W)31.5 (D)22.5cm.
. Approximate weight 1.7 kg.
list end

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