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Prompted by Andy's last comment, I wonder if there is a discussion list for 
talking book and audio book readers?  If so, then what I'm about to comment on 
could far better be said on such a list.

Regarding info supplied by RNIB about its talking books for sale,you are quite 
right Andy, they usually do not give reader details and I would guess that if 
you go back not very far in history a lot of the readers' names wouldn't mean 
anything to those other than seasoned RNIB TB subscribers, that is if the 
reader's name was provided.  That's where experience would come in as to 
whether or not you liked the style of the reader suffieciently to want to buy 
the book.  I'd like to know, by the way, whether the Captain Correlli's 
Mandolin reading in the RNIB list is the commercial one that I have on cassette 

Some might say though that, at the price, you cannot go far wrong.  These books 
are very cheap and do compare with the sort of price you might pay for an 
ordinary paperback edition, and that has to be a good thing.

So, if anyone does have info on a TB discussion list, pleas let us know, and 
feel free to email me off-list if you can add anything more to my comments.

Hoping all of you are having a good Christmas celebration.

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From: "Andy Collins" <Andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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| Hi Ray -
| Used your link to the RNIB list of daisy books for sale, and while it says 
| that the HP books are read by Stephen Fry, for others, such as Cloud Atlas 
| that I am interested in, they don't give the reader, but do say it's an RNIB 
| publication which leads me to suspect that it will be some unknown reader of 
| their own! and this puts me off!
| Andy
| ----- Original Message ----- 
| From: "Ray's Home" <rays-home@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
| For those who've not employed Google to find it, the link which leads you on 
| to the full list of RNIB DAISY titles for purchase is at:
| http://onlineshop.rnib.org.uk/browse.asp?n=11&c=478&sc=0&it=2&l=2
| Two separate links on this page take you to fiction and non-fiction lists.
| Ray

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