[access-uk] Re: Help please in understanding a synching issue on the iPod Touch

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  • Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2011 14:25:51 -0000

Hi Andy.

Are you still having this problem?  What's happening is that your Touch is 
obviously re-synching the whole collection again, minus those tracks you've 
deleted.  If it's still a problem, we'd need to know if you're synching 
automatically or manually and if you're using a playlist or not.

If you synch automatically, changing the manage music manually setting on, 
applying the setting and then setting it off and applying again would cause a 
complete re-synch for example.


Kevin Lloyd
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iPod Touch

  Hi all -

  Having synched my Touch with my Itune library, I decided to delete some songs 
from the library, and do a re-synch. I expected just to see the songs I have 
deleted from the library, get removed from the Touch, but while the synching 
process is taking place, Itunes says "copying 1 of 1000" where 1 is the 
particular song being copied, and 1000 is the total to be copied. I can also 
see the artist name and song title of what is being copied.

  I'm puzzled because as far as I know, I'm not copying, but deleting, and the 
artists and songs in focus, are not part of the ones I have chosen to delete, 
they are in fact ones I'm keeping on the Touch.

  Anybody help me understand what is going on please -


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