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Hi Simon,


We use Vonage here, mainly because I don't know much about the system other 
than I just plug the adapter into the Ethernet system I have already here.  
They charge £9.99 a month for unlimited calls to 01 and 02 numbers, and other 
charges are very reasonable - though couldn't give figures on this.  Bills are 
via email, or online - full call itemisation is provided through the web 
interface.  You get voicemail, and features like caller identification, call 
waiting service, and a myriad of forwarding services.







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hello list, 

I have just got a voip adapter, and would like recommendations on good voip 
service providers please. 

if possible, would like info on call/subscription rates, features/facilities 
offered, ease of setup (or not as the case may be) and standard of service 
offered to blind people, E.G., do they do there info/bills in accessible 

contact details would also be handy please. 






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