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That sounds a goodie I can't miss.  Thanks!

Now, earlier this week I found


(Note spelling F R O O G L E)

It works on the same basis as GOOGLE, so searches are nice and simple.
Supposedly you can find things at cheap prices.  I didn't do too well
with it, but it's simple and may well be good, given a different search
and more time.

Of course, you all know about it already - for which I apologise - but
if anyone else didn't then I have done my bit to inform you all!


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    Hi.  I know some list members know about the Google desktop search
tools for searching your computer, but thought you might like sight of
this review by David Pogue, famous for his 'Missing Manual' series of
books.  He has in fact written a book about Google so maybe he's all the
more qualified to look at their latest offering.  (He's also written
missing manuals for XP Home
and Pro.   I'd say that if anyone bought just one book on XP then
this author's books would be the obvious choice.)

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