[access-uk] Re: Fw: DRC Call for disabled internet revolt

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I think you reflect my views Adrian when you say "I do wonder if the 
journalist who relates this fantasy
and I were at the same event."  I wasn't at the event at all, but I think its 
maybe a case of the wish being father to the thought, or something like that.

The only 'protest' or dissatisfaction I ever hear from blind people is the 
sort whingeing and moaning that goes on in pubs.  A lot of huffing and 
puffing, and no action, let alone considered thinking.

Its True, certainly, there's a hell of a lot needs to be done, but with the 
head as well as the Will.  I did too post with a bit of tongue in cheek 

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Having been involved in, and at the launch of what this article calls
the DRCs own code I do wonder if the journalist who relates this fantasy
and I were at the same event.  Granted I haven't been privy to the DRC
marketing material associated with british standards institute, publicly
available specification number 78 (pas78) but the message conveyed by
the piece from the Register wasn't at all that being aired on Wednesday
last.  True Michael Burton did say that the DRC would help any
individuals persue cases in relation to Web inaccessibility but it was
hardly a rabel rousing call to arms.  Nor was it a critique of the Web
accessibility Initiative guidelines.
Pas78 is not a new web accessibility standard it is simply a guide for
managers in how to ensure that the web services they buy are accessible.
The basis of the advice being that all existing standards to date have
been technical in nature and this has often lead to web developers
trying to sell accessibility to clients who have little or no
understanding of it and may conclude that it is just the techis trying
to find another way to screw money out of them.

I'm very disappointed in the register for such an illinformed and
potentially damaging piece.

Adrian Higginbotham

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