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From: Dan Weirich [mailto:dan@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: Window-Eyes 5.5 is released!

We just sent the following announcement to various publications and media.

For Immediate Release

Dan Weirich
GW Micro, Inc.
Ph. 260-489-3671
FAX 260-489-2608


(FORT WAYNE, IN, November 3, 2005)  - GW Micro, a leader in
blindness-related Assistive Technology announced the final release of the
anxiously awaited Window-Eyes 5.5, the screen reading software that provides
computer access to those who are blind or visually impaired.  If you own an
SMA or already purchased an upgrade, we are processing your CD and you will
receive it soon.  If you are currently using Window-Eyes 5.0, you may also
download the upgrade using either the Window-Eyes Update option from the
Window-Eyes Help menu, or by visiting the Window-Eyes upgrade web site,

"The reaction to our unparalleled Excel support, full support for Mozilla
Firefox, and the host of other features in this version has been terrific,"
said Doug Geoffray, VP of Product Development and Support.  "The public beta
was the smoothest we've had so far and the Error Reporting feature has
proven again that stability comes from thorough public testing."

GW Micro introduces the following new features of Window-Eyes 5.5:
- Unparalleled Excel Support, including:
        - Over 30 New Verbosity options specific to Microsoft Excel
        - Continued use of familiar navigation tools - Page Navigation and
Element Properties work in a similar manner with Internet Explorer, Firefox,
Adobe Reader, Microsoft Word and Excel
        - New Headers and Totals dialog box makes reading spreadsheets
        - New Monitor Cells dialog box makes it easy to monitor specific
cells across worksheets
- Chart navigation for all 73 possible Excel charts by simply using the
arrow keys
- Provides the user with confidence that a spreadsheet is visually accurate
  - First screen reader to provide Full Support for Mozilla Firefox
1.5 and accessible DHTML.  GW Micro and IBM are spearheading accessible
DHTML, a standard quickly being implemented by large corporations for
web-based applications
- Run Window-Eyes from the System Tray
- Window-Eyes Mobile Install lets you install Window-Eyes to a removable
drive such as a USB pen drive
- New design of menu level system allows beginners to access the most
commonly used features, while keeping more advanced options available for
intermediate and advanced users, making the Window-Eyes experience more
intuitive for all users, regardless of skill level
- Provides quick and easy interaction with balloon tool tips, often used to
notify users of important system information
- Automatically read auto completed text in Eudora, Outlook and Outlook
- Improved support for various applications such as Sonar, Visual Studio,
Lotus Notes, MSN Messenger 7.5 and the current betas of Microsoft Windows
Vista and Microsoft Office 12

For a complete list of the new features in Window-Eyes 5.5, please visit

"There is no doubt that we have raised the bar, once again, with our support
for Microsoft Office applications," says Dan Weirich, VP Sales and
Engineering.  "100% accurate 100% of the time is our goal and we couldn't be
more pleased with our Excel and Word support.  In addition to those
features, Window-Eyes 5.5 used with Firefox gives a dynamite web browsing
experience.  Window-Eyes 5.5 is powerful enough for advanced users, simple
enough for beginners, and ensures a reliable computing environment for

For more information or a Window-Eyes press kit, contact:
Dan Weirich, Ph. 260-489-3671, dan@xxxxxxxxxxx, http://www.gwmicro.com

# # #


Daniel R. Weirich
GW Micro, Inc.
725 Airport North Office Park
Fort Wayne, IN  46825
ph. 260-489-3671
FAX 260-489-2608

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