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firstly, I may have sent an empty message with this subject, was starting to
write and something happened, my system crashed so if you already have seen
it, sorry, had to restart and hope the message gets sent properly this time.

On today's You and Yours, there was an article about what, until now, many
have dismissed as an email hoax.  It would seem, this is no longer true, for
the criminals have decided to use just this sort of idea for a scamm.

I have the article from today's program, it lasts 6:06, is about 2.5mb, was
recorded 16,000hertz 48kbps stereo and I have it as an .mp3.

Otherwise, go to the You and Yours site via BBC Radio 4 and, about five
minutes into the program, after an article about national health dentists,
you will find the piece.

If, however, you want it, write privately to me at:


and I will send it you.

The scamm is that where a phone call is received at home, the caller asks
have you purchased whatever on your card in the last few days from wherever?
The respondent usually says no, to which the caller advises that your card
number whatever, has been flagged up, so he needs to start a fraud
investigation . . . 

and so on.

In the end, the respondent is asked to verify they have the card and it is
their's, give the three digit CVV2 number on the back.

What has happened, is the criminal has broken into some store or wherever,
obtained most details but as it is illegal to store the CVV2 number, needs
that to enable account clearance.

So, this article details what has started recently to happen where this
scamm, until now thought to be a hoax and an urban myth is, now, being

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