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Hi Sandra and Jim.

I'm not an expert but this is how I replace the default xp sound schemes with sounds of my own.

If you launch Windows Explorer and look at Windows\media you will see a number of wav files such as Windows XP Startup.wav and Windows XP Shutdown.wav. There are about a dozen sound files assigned to various actions which windows performs and these are stored in c:\windows\media.

So after you have created your sound file using GoldWave, for instance, you need to save it as a wav file and place it into this directory. The sound files you create must be quite short, about five seconds maximum. You don't want windows to shut down before your sound track has ended, or jaws to start speaking over your start up sound.

So after, for example, you have placed your new shut down sound file into the directory, do the following.

1.  Go into Control Panel and press Enter on Sounds and Audio devices.

2.  Press Control plus the Tab key until you go into the Sounds directory

3.  Press the Tab key until you get to Save As then press Enter.

4.  Give the Sound Scheme a name such as Shutdown and press Enter.

5.  Press the Tab key until you land on a tree-view of Windows actions.

6. Arrow down until you reach the file you wish to replace which in this example is Windows XP Shutdown.

7.  Press the Tab key until you get to Browse  and press Enter.

You will be shown a dialogue box with all the existing sound files, filenames and file types.

8. Do a Shift Tab to get onto the list of files and highlight the file which you created and placed in the directory, and press Enter.

9.   Press Okay and re-boot your computer.

That's it. Now do the same for the Start Windows sound file or indeed any other which you have created. How about the toilet flushing when you empty the re-cycle bin.

Good luck and please get back if you have any problems.

Best wishes.



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