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  • Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 10:28:11 +0100

Hi Mandy,

Though a bit off list, but thought other folks might find these four websites 
useful too.

These first two sites should make your search for attractions a little easier-

24 Hour Museum - official guide to UK museums, galleries, exhibitions and 
heritage at


places2visit.co.uk - Great days out, attractions, zoos, museums at


At the following site you can specify when searching for plaices your access 
needs e.g. vi, mobility needs etc and even pushchairs access for parents. It 
has useful info about the tube too-

The Nationwide Disabled Access Register - access information for disabled 
people and parents - Direct Enquiries at


I've come across the below site a little while ago and it sounds fun if you're 
up for an adventure! I didn't have the chance yet to ask them whether I can 
participate in their activities despite of my visual impairment I'm afraid; 
thought I'd mention it to you never the less-

Spice UK - adventure sports, adventure activity holidays UK, overseas adventure 
travel, adventure holidays, outdoor adventures at


  My big three o birthday is in August and I'm still thinking of something 
exciting to do that day!

  Good luck, Mandy, with your search and hope you make the best of your 

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  Seems stupid sending this when I know already it's off topic but please can 
someone tell me, of list so as not to clog up more than I am already doing:  a 
website where I can find information about exhibitions and that kind of thing 
in London that have special facilities like headphones to listen to the guided 
tour etc?

  I'm trying to find something interesting to do next Thursday for my birthday.


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