[access-uk] Re: Anybody Know About This?

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Well, be it the full media centre, or the Freeview talking box, the
price is, way, way, over the top.

Laudable as this entrepreneurial  bloke's efforts are, thank goodness
the landscape has changed since he found a nice little earner in the
old talking CEFAX boxes he did.  For one thing the TV licence for us
has now been halved, so the saving over time there isn't what it was.
We also have good computer access now which appears to be a viable
option.  Don't forget too that if you are in a household of seeing and
non-seeing people, then Sony and Panasonic should be bringing out LcD
Tv's with A D facilities.  Not a cheap option by any means, but then
again, neither are these options from Portset.

From Ray
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That's the full media centre, Damon.

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thought it was going to be over 800 pounds

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Portset has launched an accessible Freeview Receiver with a PVR.   For
further information ring them on 01489 893919, e-mail them at
 or visit their website
A friend sent me the above information it seems it costs over £600 and
is not available yet.


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