[access-uk] Re: Announcement new SpeakOn features release 20 September 2009 - download on demand

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Hi Graham

SpeakOn itself is tiny (the installer is less than 4mb.
It needs Java, is Java installed on your system? It is about 100 Mb
If you wish contact me directly at:
And I can look at the problem with you systematically.


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This looks interesting.  I subscribe to TNAUK but tried installing SpeakOn,
only to be told that I don't have enough storage to complete this command.
Seems unlikely to be true.


From: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of
Isaac Porat
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Subject: [access-uk] Announcement new SpeakOn features release 20 September
2009 - download on demand


Hello All,
A new features release of SpeakOn 2.3, 20 September 2009, is now available. 


The main theme of this version is downloads 'on demand' for both audio and
text media; you select the media you want and download with a single
keystroke.  This download facility works for podcasts in the Media Centre,
Radio Time and VI Services applications.  It is also implemented with the
Seeing Ear library books and TNAUK publications eText and audio.  Download
efficiency is achieved with an internal download manager with the ability to
queue, resume and handle simultaneous downloads. With this version, TNAUK
eText publications can also be automatically converted to HTML format for
use with an external player or mobile telephone. 


Other new features include the ability to vary the audio speed while
maintaining constant pitch.  You can also copy all recent spoken messages to
the clipboard for inspection or use with other Windows programs.  


For those who are new to SpeakOn, it is a self-voicing media suite program
for finding, retrieving and playing audio and text media.  All media local
to your computer or remote on the internet is presented in the same simple
tree-like structure.  You can navigate to the media you want, select it and
it is automatically downloaded or streamed and played in the same SpeakOn
player which handles both audio and text.  Common audio formats are
supported including MP3, WMA and Real.  Currently SpeakOn supports the
following media types: CD (audio, MP3 and Daisy), podcasts, music, radio,
Last.FM music, TNAUK newspapers and magazines in eText and audio and Seeing
Ear library books.


You can either operate SpeakOn using a standard keyboard or an external, low
cost, numerical keypad using one hand from the comfort of your armchair.
SpeakOn has a low footprint (the installer is only 3.9 Mb) and it is highly
efficient making it ideal for use with Netbooks. 
SpeakOn is available free from:
This page contains information about SpeakOn, the types of media it
supports, links to the download page, manual and mailing list.


The manual is at:


Downloading works in a very similar way across all media.  The following
links give specific information:


Podcast downloading in the Media Centre and VI Services application:
Podcast downloading from the RadioTime database:
Seeing Ear library books downloading: 
TNAUK audio publications downloading:
TNAUK eText downloading and conversion for use with external players:
Download Manager:
Variable audio speed including all other speech and audio controls:
Copying messages to the clipboard as well as all other media information:


The 'What's new' page is at:
Instructions for upgrading from an older version are at:
The SpeakOn download page for new users is at:
If you experience slow download, this is probably because of demand for this
new version - you may like to try again in a day or so.


Enjoy - and if you like SpeakOn, please forward this announcement to any
mailing lists, blogs or bulletin boards you feel are relevant.
Isaac Porat
SpeakOn's author
email: speakon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Website: http://www.a-technic.net/speakon.htm

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